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Item: 2003 ESCAN XQ
MFG Date: 2003
ID : s0002
Price: Please contact us.

2003 ESCAN XQ - 0.2 Tesla -Shape NdFeB Alloy Permanent Magnet
- Vertical Field, Open-Design 24-cm Gap
- Extremity and Small-Parts Imager
- Gradients 20 mT/m SR 25 (99%)
- Complete Assortment of Coils and positioners: Shoulder Coil, Hand/Wrist Coil, Foot/Ancle Coil
- Coil Flex, Knee Coil
- Windows Platform with Upgraded Software, REV 9.1
- 18-Inch Flat Screen LCD Monitor, Dicom
- Backup Software, User Manuals
- I.E.S - Image Enhancement System - Special Software Package Which Provides Very Superior Images
- Complete Shielding Pavillon Included
- In Excellent Cosmetic and Working Condition
- System from Maine

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