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*SOLD*GE Centricity SP 1001

Item: *SOLD*GE Centricity SP 1001
MFG Date: 2004
ID : s00037
Price: Please contact us.

- The system can handle,General Radiology,Orthopaedics,Dental and Paediatrics
- Output to processor :12-bits/ pixel
- Date acquisition :12-bits/pixel
- Single Cassette Feed
- (WXDXH) 18X28X55"
- LCD Display
- LCD :Machine Status and error conditions
- Emergency Keys
- Accepted Cassettes Sizes :
- 14X17" -14X14" -10X12" -8X10"
- 120V/50-60Hz Standby
- 216W.max1440W.15A Fuse

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