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*SOLD*GE Light Speed Plus Quad Slice

Item: *SOLD*GE Light Speed Plus Quad Slice
MFG Date: 2002
ID : s00048
Price: Please contact us.

- 2002 GE Light Speed Plus Quad Slice
- System ID Number : 00264CTS02
- The GE Lightspeed plus is a modern, multislice spiral CT scanner utilising GE's D3186T 6.3MHU X ray tube and 4 x 912 detector channels
- Gantry rotation times of 0.5-0.9seconds and a slice reconstruction time of 0.1667 seconds enable fast scanning and image display
- The system comprises of the gantry, with tube and detector installed, power delivery unit, patient table and console with dicom interface and 2.3Gb MOD storage
- Current application software version is 308I.2_H3M5 installed on the 28th of August 2005. The current tube was fitted on the 9th of May 2007 and current stats are as below: mAs: 47002034.5, Slices: 76459, Kw slices: 2115, Kw Hours: 16229.03 Scan Seconds: 257382.5, Gantry rotations: 4894631
- The system is currently in limited use due to staffing constraints but has been under a full manufacturers service contract since new
- The last PM was carried out on the 6th of February 2009. A review of the onsite logbook shows no ongoing faults or problems with the system. A safe state MO disk was present and dated 27th of January 2009.All FMI's are up to date the last being 25363 (smarttube phase 2 SW patch G)
- The system is available : End of July,2009

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