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*SOLD*2003 GE Signa1.5T Echo Speed

Item: *SOLD*2003 GE Signa1.5T Echo Speed
MFG Date: 2002
ID : s00050
Price: Please contact us.

- Manufacturer : General Electric
- Model Number : Signa 1.5T Echo speed plus RF EXCITE II 8ch Software 11.1_0818a
- Year : April, 2003
- Field Stregth: 1.5 Tesla
- Magnet Type :CXK4 (LCC) new cold headed fitted August 2009 with Sumitomo CSW71525767 Hours 75 percent helium
- Computer System: LINUX, 18" LCD monitor, HP8000
- Gradients: 33 mT/m, SR 120 T/m/s RF EXCITE II 8ch October 2002 ACGD 8915 make Lytron Model 23346822
- System Cabinet : April 2003 Model 2294302
- PDU Cabinet : Model 2275000b 1.5 RF SRFD2
- Magnet Mode: CXK4/LCC 60 cm bore
- Image Matrix : 1024X1024
- Work Station: HP 4000 AW 4.0_06.11_ET, 2 flat panels, CD-R 2100,including the fallowing ; Navigator, Vol Rendering, Data Export, CT Prffusion2, Vol Rendering2,Navigator2
- Number of Coils :CTL quadrature Array coil 1.5T,Small general purposeFlexcoil,MRI Device Shoulder Phased Array,Open breast Array coil,Phased Array abdominal coil,Lower extremity Quad coil Medical Advances
- Software&Sequences:Software Version 11.0_0818a Echo planer imaging, Fast Gradient Echo, Cine. Fast spin Echo and Flair, Time of Flight, Phase contrast, Vascular imaging, SGD_Echospeed, DWEPI, Flair EPI, SPECIAL, Smart prep, SSFSE, Three plane Localizer, Modality work list, E3T0F, FSE_XL, BloodSupp, Fast cine, Idrive pro, Idrive, Smart prep 2000 upgrade, Performance Procedure step, , ultra short TR, T2 Breath hold, SSFSE, MRCP, T1 Breath Hold, ACGD Plus, Fluro triggered MRA, MRCP3, Dynamic R1, MRCP3, Dynamic R1, Festa 3D, Asset, 3DFRFSE, ASSET Plus,. Full Dicom
- Availability : First week of November

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