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*SOLD*2003 Philips Infinion

Item: *SOLD*2003 Philips Infinion
MFG Date: 2003
ID : s00062
Price: Please contact us.

- Philips MRI 120 Infinion
- Date of Manufacture 2003
- In Use and Under OEM Service
- Software Upgrade in 2004
- Software Level VIA 5.2 Advanced Scan Suite for Infinion
- PowerDrive 2000 Gradients
- Coil List:
- Fixed Quadrature Body Coil
- Integrated Multi-mode Quadrature Spine Arrray Coil
- Multi-mode C-Spine 2-element Phased Array
- Quadrature Head Coil
- Atlas Extension coil
- Body Quad Phased Array Flex Coil
- Quad Wrist/Hand Coil
- Shoulder Phased Array Coil
- Quad Lower Extremity (Knee/Foot/Ankle) Coil

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