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*SOLD*2000 GE ZXI Hi Speed

Item: *SOLD*2000 GE ZXI Hi Speed
MFG Date: 2000
ID : s00080
Price: Please contact us.

2000 GE Highspeed ZX/i CT Scanner with MEDRAD CT injector:
- MX 200 6.3 Mhu Tube Insert S/N: 119136GI0, August 2005.
- Gantry S/N: 747928YM0, manufactured July 2000
- Console S/N: 702922YM6, manufactured August 2001
- Table S/N: 758205YM9, manufactured July 2000
- Software: HiSpeed Series 6.03
- No artifacts seen on images viewed and it was in use till 04/05/2010
- Available. Please contact us for the pictures and details

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