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1999 Siemens Sireskop SX R/F System

Item: 1999 Siemens Sireskop SX R/F System
MFG Date: 1999
ID : s00082
Price: Please contact us.

- Polydoros SX generator, 65/80kW 3-phase, 440-480 VAC 50/60Hz power
- Sireskop SX Table, 4-way floating, +90°/-50°/-90° tilting, catapult bucky and x-ray tube
- Siricon HDR image intensifier and spot film device, analog/digital aquisition
- Digital controlled console/workstation, auto exposure control (AEC) and anatomical programming
- 3D-Top overhead suspension with x-ray tube and automatic collimator
- Vertix Pro chest stand with bucky
- S-Video TV System with monitor and cart
- Still installed. Available May 24th

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