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2006 SIEMENS Axioma Artis dTA

Item: 2006 SIEMENS Axioma Artis dTA
MFG Date: 2006
ID : s00086
Price: Please contact us.

System Type: Cardiac Catherization
Generator Model: A100, MA: 1250; kVp: 150
C-Arm: Axiom Artis TA
C-Arm Type: Ceiling Mounted
Table Type: Floor Mounted
Image Chain Model: FD
Size of Image detector 30 x 40 CM Pixium 4700 Manufactured in 2006
X-Ray Tube Model: Megalix Cat 125/15/40/80-121GW
Number of Monitors: 4
System is in good working condition
Very Good Image Quality
Under OEM Service

Warranty: This system is warranted to be in good working condition.
System currently working. Available in March 2015

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