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Item Name Item: 2002 GE Legacy RF System
MFG Date: 2002 2004
ID #: s00088

2002 GE Legacy RF System - Advantx SCPU High Frequency generator rated at 1000MA x 150KVP
- Legacy 90/90 RF table with built in Intelligent spot film device accepting up to 14 x 14 cassettes.
- 40CM Image intensifier with High resolutions TV System
- Maxiray 100 undertable high powered c=x-ray tube with auto collimation.
- XT overhead tube support with Maxiray 100 high powered X-ray tube and Ultranet auto collimator.
- Vertical wall bucky for thoracic work.
- DRS 3.2 Digital spot system for filmless spot work operation.
- DICOM capable of sending images through a network.
- Still installed.Coming out in two weeks.

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